Industrial Wastewater Treatment

IndustrieabwasserProcess water and waste water treatment is critical for every industry. Each industry has its own set of requirements which determines treatment needs: from ultra clean process water to recycling of waste water.

MENA-Water helps industries to pass increasing industrial waste water treatment regulations while improving efficiency and reducing waste disposal costs.

For all industrial waste water treatment processes, MENA-Water offers the complete systems for the physical chemical processes and advanced biological system incorporating MBR technology followed by reverse osmosis or Nano filtration for reuse.

Our Scope:

  • Dissolved air flotation plants for the treatment of oily waters
  • Membrane separation processes for water treatment, recirculation
  • Compact plants for wastewater recycling in diverse industry
  • Biological treatment process for handling difficult effluents
  • Plants for Thermal Sterilization, Decontamination, Neutralization, Desalination
  • Customized solutions for individual applications
  • Engineering, service and operation services

Video of the Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant Al Ain


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