Containerized Disc Filter RoDisc®

Containerized Disc Filter RoDisc®

RoDiscRoDisc® Package Solutions
for removal of micropollutants

The HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc® is a gravity-flow filtration system. The wastewater to be treated flows into the horizontal shaft and from there through openings into the filter discs which the water passes from inside to outside. The filter discs remain in rest position at first during the filtration process. The solids are retained on the inner disc surfaces, which leads to gradual blinding of the mesh, resulting in an in creasing pressure differential.

RoDisc An overflow weir ensures that the water level in the tank remains virtually constant. The upstream water level rises as the blinding process progresses. When the predefined maximum pressure differential has been reached, the solids are removed automatically from the filter surfaces.

Typical applications are:

  • Filtration of biologically treated wastewater
  • Filtration to protect or increase the efficiency of downstream treatment systems
  • Treatment of water and wastewater in industries
  • Wastewater within paper and pulp industry
  • Wastewater within plastic processing industries
  • Treatment of service and process water, closing water loops (e.g. in food and chemical industry)
  • Removal of microplastics

Technical data

  • 2230 mm disc diameter
  • 2000 m³/h throughput capacity per unit
  • Up to 35 filter discs per machine
  • 10 – 100 μm mesh size

Advantages of using containerized solutions

  • Plug & Play permanent solution
  • fast delivery and realization
  • pre wired and tested in factory
  • pre-assembled in ISO containers for standard transport and handling
  • quality products in stainless steel housing as permanent solution
  • low project initial cost, minimized civil works
  • easy to install & operate
  • expandable as modular system, standardized systems