MENA-Water Services


mena-cadOur engineering department is responsible for design and construction and development of equipment.

Planning, design calculations and complete production documentation in 3D modeling for our own production and for the overhaul and expansion of existing systems be created there.


mena-workshopIn our factories we produce container facilities from our own design. We employ professionals for welding metal machining and assembly.

Water wetted surfaces are made of stainless steel. All system components are supplied by German and European quality manufacturers.

Assembling / Installation:

mena-installationOur trained professionals conduct for the installation of all systems worldwide on the spot.

The proper installation and commissioning is the foundation for a safe and trouble-free operation.

Service Team:

mena-serviceOur highly skilled service team performs for you through all inspection, maintenance and repair tasks.

We will help resolve any unforeseen incidents and reduce downtime by fast spare parts delivery.