Sisteme compacte

Apă potabilă – Apă uzată – Deshidratare nămol

Our long time experience in designing of water plants motivated us to arrange all necessary components as containerized package.

The complete plant will be ready mounted as package units or in standard ISO containers for easy transport and quick delivery.

European quality equipment and our certified manufacturing will guarantee high quality. On site the installation needs only short time with minimum civil works. At the location there is only need for piping and some cabelling.

This allows quick realization. Also the plants are easy to extend with additional units or movable to new locations.
The concept is available for handling potable water and waste water and mobile sludge dewatering.

MBR Package Plant

Beneficiile stațiilor de epurare compacte
  • Sisteme complete de epurare dovedite eficiente la nivel mondial
  • Suprafață de construire compactă și accesibilă
  • Lucrări civile și de instalare pe șantier minime
  • Sistem complet automatizat cu monitorizare on-line
  • Se poate adapta ușor pentru extensii ulterioare datorită sistemului modular

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