Safe Drinking Water

The MENA-Water potable water package plants offer pure drinking water for villages and towns. Due to the package concept the plants can be realized in very short time and with less civil preparation at site. All plants can be easily extended and moved to new locations

Mobile Q-PRESS

Sludge Dewatering with Mobile Screw Press at Al Feliyah STP The HUBER Technology Screw presses for sludge dewatering have become well-proven alternative for decanters or/and belt filter presses. Mobile Package Plant, Plug & Play The Huber screw press along with its accessories was containerized to become an easy to transport …

Fracking Water Treatment

Fracking water generated during production of crude oil is highly contaminated with heavy metals, toxins and hydrocarbons. Therefore this water is difficult to treat and stored in big lagoons causing environmental problems. MENA-Water took the challenge and developed a process involving multiple treatment steps eliminating the pollutants to the permissible …

Al Hamalah MBR Sewage Plant

MENA WATER FZC got the contract to build up the sewage treatment plant of 1100 m³/day for Al Hamala Village – Bahrain. Basis is the established modular package plant with MBR technology. Bacteria Free Clean Water for Irrigation The plant provides bacteria free clean water with smallest foot print area. …

MBR Sewage Plant Jazan JCSTP

BOO PROJECT CENTRALIZED TREATMENT PLANT – JCSTP, JAZAN ECONOMIC CITY Jazan is located in the Kingdom’s southwest region, and in 2014 the Saudi Aramco Oil Company began constructing the Jazan Refinery and Terminal. The facilities form the industrial heart of the government’s greater Jazan Economic City project.

Drinking Water South Sudan

MENA-Water installed containerized potable water plants in South Sudan South Sudan is the newest state and gained its independence in 2011. Economically the country depends mostly on agriculture and oil production. For this reason the oil fields were explored and big residence camps for workers grew in places without infrastructure. …

MBR Package Plant in Ethiopia

Ethioder Camp, Arba Minch, South Ethiopia, MBR Package Plant Integrated Version The village of Arba Minch is located in picturesque southern Ethiopia inside the Region of Southern Nations. For a very remote labour camp, the company Ethioder needed a sewage treatment plant which should be highly flexible. The I-version of …

MBR Aschersleben

Container MBR Sewage Plant The ‘Betreuungszentrum Aschersleben’ in Saxony-Anhalt is a retirement residence with 72 units. This area is not connected to the municipal sewage network and operating so far an autonomous sanitation treatment. Since the existing system no longer met the current cleaning requirements, it was replaced by a …

MBR German Embassy Kabul

Container MBR Sewage Plant. This project at the German embassy in Kabul was executed under extremely challenging boundary conditions (space and security restrictions, risk of terrorist attacks, climatic variations). Since the facilities of the embassy are not connected to any kind of sewage system, a stand-alone solution from MENA-Water now …

MBR Durrat al Bahrein

Container MBR Sewage Plant. Durrat al Bahrain development are the largest artificial islands in the Kingdom of Bahrain with an area of about 20 million square meters. For the civil work and the first residents the concept was to transfer the sewage in to clean water

MBR Dubai Al Ruwaya

MBR Container Sewage Plant with Tanker Discharge In the desert near Dubai there are several new industrial zones too far away from the town to connect to the municipal sewer network. Also there is big need of water for irrigation and construction use. The sewerage concept was to build up …

Mobile Sludge Dewatering

Marafiq Industrial Waste Treatment Plant, Jubail Industrial Zone, KSA. M/s. Marafiq is the utility lifeline to the industrial cities of Jubail and Yanbu. These two cities are a beacon of light on Kingdom’s journey of national economic development and privatisation. Marafiq’s focus on industrial wastewater

Reverse Osmosis Units

Available as containerized or skid mounted plants, Reverse Osmosis Systems are capable of removing dissolved salts and other impurities such as bacteria, sugars, proteins, dyes and constituents with large molecular weight.

MBBR Package Plants

MBBR waste water treatment plants can be described as a sewage treatment process using Bio Film Carriers in which the organic digestive microorganisms get attached to specially designed plastic media. The Bio Media become carriers that build floating bed in the waste water.