Sludge Dewatering Unit

Sludge Dewatering Unit

Mobile Treatment Plant for Sludge Dewatering – Reduce your Sludge

sludgeMENA-Water is manufacturer of containerized plants for sludge handling. For every case of application, we offer a solution ready to use: mobile or stationary. All process equipment is arranged inside one 40 feet standard container. This enables us to achieve very short realization time. You will get reliable and tested plants and only need plug and play at site.

sludgeThe selection of the sludge dewatering technology depends on the capacity and the operation recommendations. Therefore we use different machines to exactly match the conditions at site. This starts with small Dry Bag plants and varies from Belt Press for medium, Screw Press for higher and the Centifuge for highest capacity.


  • Fast delivery and start-up due to the mobile concept
  • Quality equipment in stainless steel
  • Compact design
  • High packing density
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Low maintenance and minimum operation requirements
  • Minimum construction work on site and easy to relocate
MENA-Water offers tailor-made containers to treat sludge from different applications:
  • Municipal sludge
  • Industrial sludge
  • for mixed fiber, biological, chemical sludge

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For small and middle capacity we use the belt press with pre-thickener completed with polymer preparation, mixer, tanks, pumps included cabling and piping, everything pre-installed.

  • The belt press will handle sludge flow from 2 to 8 m³/hour per single unit
  • The dry cake will be 18-30% DS due to type of sludge
  • High capacities can be achieved through modular arrangement



The Q-PRESS is a very reliable equipment, containing all process for sludge dewatering inside one machine. Installations can easily achieve a sludge volume reduction in excess of 90% with simple operation and low maintenance at minimum energy consumption. Furthermore, direct dewatering of the thin sludge avoids all additional effort that would incur for the operation of an upstream mechanical thickening system.


dry-bag For small applications we offer this system using drying bags. The very small footprint of the plant allows best placement.
The package plant is completely automatic, with all functions, including sludge conditioning, bag filling and draining cycles, controlled by an integral control panel. The automatic filled bags also act as strong containers for transport of the dehydrated sludge to the disposal point.

Video of Belt Press

MENA-Water Containerized Plants

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