Solid & Sludge Pumps

Solid & Sludge Pumps

PumpeSolid and Sludge Pumps ensures excellent handling of many media.

This pumps can handle different features in terms of flow ability from liquid to slow moving media, up to materials including solids. Also they are suitable for pumping duties in the fields of agriculture, industry and municipal slurries. There are a lot of features such as hollow rotors provided for smooth running.

Suction housing with big inspection and cleaning covers and three suction connections is available for reliable product handling.

It also stands abrasive and fibrous or stringy materials by high performance against counter-pressure and high suction lift (self-priming).



  • Filling
  • Distributing
  • Loading
  • Transfer duties
  • Rinsing
  • Metering
  • Feeding
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