Drinking Water

TrinkwasserDrinking water is the precious key of survival. MENA-Water is answering to this demand. We continuously develop our manufacturing designs and products for economical potable water treatment plants with all equipment necessary for process integrated in ISO standard containers.

Our featured product is the containerized drinking water plant SafeDrink which is flexible as it is modular and easy to install and operate.

With 2500 m³ drinking water per day one module can serve up to 25,000-100,000 people depending on their consumption.
MENA-Water also provides solutions for upgrading and retrofitting of major plants horizontally without any new construction works. Upgrading the plant this way leads to more than doubling the plant capacity within the same area plot without taking any footprint. Advantage of this concept is using the same amount of resources like water network, without any new space and also for fast execution.

Generating drinking water from saltwater is becoming more and more important. Our reverse osmosis package plants are answering this demand.