After Sales & Service

MENA-Water Maintenance & Service Both MENA-Water and HUBER are extremely proud to have dedicated After Sales Service and Support team(s) which are at the disposal of our customers around the clock; all around the world.  Our Global Service helps us to continuously maintain the high quality of both our products …

Drinking Water

Drinking water is the precious key of survival. MENA-Water is answering to this demand. We continuously develop our manufacturing designs and products for economical potable water treatment plants with all equipment necessary for process integrated in ISO standard containers. Our featured product is the containerized drinking water plant SafeDrink which …

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Process water and waste water treatment are critical topics for every industry. Each industry has its own set of requirements which determines treatment needs: from ultra clean process water to recycling of waste water. MENA-Water helps industries to pass increasing industrial waste water treatment regulations while improving efficiency and reducing …

Sludge Treatment

Sludge is always a by-product of wastewater treatment and some industrial process. Sludge mostly is rich on nutrient and sometimes can be used for fertilizing issue. By sludge digestion according to the biogas process, energy can also be obtained in the form of methane.

Renewable Energy

Energy supply is one basic thing in water treatment. Energy derived from oil, coal or nuclear power is getting more difficult to access day by day because of the rising prices, pollution of the environment, health risks and availability.