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SafeDrink – Potable Water
SafeDrink – Potable Water

Drinking Water from Rivers and Lakes

MBR Package Plants
MBR Package Plants

Treatment of Sewage to Clean Water

MENA-Water - Package Plants for Water Treatment

Package Solutions

Our long time experience in designing of water plants motivated us to arrange all necessary components as containerized package.

MENA-Water Product Groups

As we are dealing with all kind of water treatment we offer services and products around water technology.


We are active worldwide with many branches. Please contact our offices for more information.


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MENA-Water Package Plants

for all kind of water treatment

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

MENA-Water MBR Package Plants transform sewage to clear water with bathing water quality usable for irrigation. This compact units are available in standard sizes, are pre-fabricated and easy to transport and offer very short realization times.
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Safe Drinking Water

The MENA-Water potable water package plants offer pure drinking water for villages and towns. Due to the package concept the plants can be realized in very short time and with less civil preparation at site. All plants can be easily extended and moved to new locations
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Sludge Dewatering Unit

MENA-Water is manufacturer of containerized plants for sludge handling. For every case of application, we offer a solution ready to use: mobile or stationary. All process equipment is arranged inside containers.
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Rehabilitation and Expansion of Sewage Treatment Plants in small Communities

In Germany there are many sewage treatment plants, built in the 70s or 80s and now have to be overhauled and expanded due to their poor structural condition, increased population and outdated technology. Often there also is the fact that either required discharge values ​​can no longer be adhered to, …
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Fracking Water Treatment

Fracking water generated during production of crude oil is highly contaminated with heavy metals, toxins and hydrocarbons. Therefore this water is difficult to treat and stored in big lagoons causing environmental problems. MENA-Water took the challenge and developed a process involving multiple treatment steps eliminating the pollutants to the permissible …
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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

For all industrial wastewater treatment processes, MENA-Water offers the complete systems for the physical chemical processes and advanced biological system incorporating MBR technology followed by reverse osmosis or Nano filtration for reuse.
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Reverse Osmosis Units

Available as containerized or skid mounted plants, Reverse Osmosis Systems are capable of removing dissolved salts and other impurities such as bacteria, sugars, proteins, dyes and constituents with large molecular weight.
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Office Container

Solutions for operating staff at site. Container plants can be located in very isolated regions. Not only in that case it is helpful to offer offices and accomodation for operating staff.
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MBBR Package Plants

MBBR waste water treatment plants can be described as a sewage treatment process using Bio Film Carriers in which the organic digestive microorganisms get attached to specially designed plastic media. The Bio Media become carriers that build floating bed in the waste water.
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Worldwide References

Containerized Screw-Press

MENA-Water proposed a permanent containerized plug and play packaged plant using HUBER’s Q-Press 800.2 system.
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Sludge to Energy

MENA-Water supplied, installed & commissioned the biogas handling a gasholder with a volume of 3400 m³ and a gas flare with max. throughput of 1300 m³/h.
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MBR Package Plant in Reseach Use

With this pilot plant, a partial flow of the wastewater, which has already been cleaned very well, can now be additionally filtered and new dosing techniques can be tested.
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Decentral Sewage Treatment in Sudan

In 2018 2 MBR package plants were installed for 2 different housing areas. Each is treating 10 m³/h of sewage from the inhabitants and the effluent water now is bacteria free and directly used for irrigation.
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MBR Sewage Treatment Plant in Algerian Desert Camp

MENA WATER FZC got the contract to build up a sewage treatment plant of 300 m³/day for treating the municipal sewage from residences for up to 2500 people.
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MENA-Water Environmental Protection Program

As a water company that designs, builds and operates wastewater treatment plants, MENA-Water feels committed to the environment and recycles all wastewater at the Sharjah production site.
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Upgrade of Adama Drinking Water Plant

The town Adama is capital of the Ethiopian region of Oromia. Drinking water for half million inhabitants is taken from the 15 km away river Awash, by treatment plant and pumped to the town. Now the plant needed upgrade to match the expanding population.
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Rehabilitation & Upgrade of three Sewage Treatment Plants

Abu Dhabi Sewerage Service Company ADSSC builds & operates several treatment plants for municipal sewage in the town area of Al Ain, the largest inland city of the UAE, known as the "Garden City of the Gulf" due to its greenery in middle of the desert.
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Water Recycling for Car Wash

The solution for water re-use is the MENA-Water MBR-filtration package plant as integrated version. This ready-made system includes all the treatment tanks and equipment inside one stainless steel housing.
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