MENA-Water Environmental Protection Program

Package PlantMBR wastewater treatment plant cleans the waste water at the Sharjah headquarters
As a water company that designs, builds and operates wastewater treatment plants, MENA-Water feels committed to the environment and recycles all wastewater at the Sharjah production site. It uses the smallest compact system of the MBR series, a MW-MR10-U, which biologically cleans up to 10 m³/day wastewater and filters it with ultrafiltration.

Germ-free and free of microplastic
The resulting permeate is free of germs and impurities such as microplastics. It is used directly at the company headquarters to irrigate the green areas and thus helps to improve the climate around the buildings and our visitors and staff can enjoy the beautiful view. Not only in the desert areas is the responsible use of water with decreasing groundwater levels and ever higher temperatures significant, also in Europe, this technology will become increasingly important in the future.

Compact Solutions, Plug & Play
Package PlantWith the MENA-Water compact systems, even existing waste water tanks and sewage treatment plants can be expanded in the shortest possible time and brought to the state of the art. Especially if, as in the example of our company headquarters, there is no space and the highest quality is required, the MBR compact systems are the best choice. This is true not only for small decentralized applications (examples: Kabul, Aschersleben, SKM Sharjah) but also for larger construction projects (examples: Khartoum, Bahrain), where then a gradual expansion is possible, which helps to save investment costs. Finally, completely recoverable solutions can be found (examples: Jazan, Abu Arish). And there are completely mobile MBR wastewater treatment plants integrated into a mobile trailer.


MBR Package Plant - decentral