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AscherslebenContainer MBR Sewage Plant
The ‘Betreuungszentrum Aschersleben’ in Saxony-Anhalt is a retirement residence with 72 units. This area is not connected to the municipal sewage network and operating so far an autonomous sanitation treatment. Since the existing system no longer met the current cleaning requirements, it was replaced by a MENA-Water compact system with MBR technology.

After passing an existing preliminary sedimentation the waste water flows to the biological treatment tank. The aeration is realized by means of separately installed blowers and E-FLEX diffuser system. The activated sludge mixture from the underground Ascherslebenaeration tank is circulated through the membrane filtration unit and the filtrate directed though an integrated backwash tank in an underground plain water storage. The clear water of the plant fills an nearby fire extinguishing pond whose overflow is passed through a reed bed into the on-site preflooder.

The design of the new wastewater concept was done under the direction of ‘Ingenieurbüro für Abwassertechnik Payer GmbH’, the construction of earthworks and concrete work was awarded to a local construction company. Scope of MENA WATER GmbH Ascherslebenwas manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning of the MBR package plant with all necessary equipment components for the treatment process. The project was started in late 2014. After storms caused flooding of the site during winter season the plant installation and commissioning was done then by April 2015.
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