MBR Package Plant in Ethiopia

MBREthioder Camp, Arba Minch, South Ethiopia,
MBR Package Plant Integrated Version
The village of Arba Minch is located in picturesque southern Ethiopia inside the Region of Southern Nations. For a very remote labour camp, the company Ethioder needed a sewage treatment plant which should be highly flexible. The I-version of the MENA-Water MBR compact system MW-MR75-I was chosen, in which the entire treatment process including the aeration takes place within a container. This system is designed as plug and play concept to be moved at any time with minimum construction work.

The capacity of the sewage treatment plant is designed for the treatment of 75 m³/d of municipal wastewater.

Scope of supply includes lifting pumps, screens, grit settler, various tanks within a containerized solution and a compact MBR module. Plant control and online measurement is monitored by PLC. Storage tanks for treated water and a reed bed for sludge soiling complete the equipment.
The commissioning took place in 2015.

Municipal Sewage