MBR Durrat al Bahrein

MBR Durrat al Bahrein

BahreinContainer MBR Sewage Plant.
Durrat al Bahrain development are the largest artificial islands in the Kingdom of Bahrain with an area of about 20 million square meters.
For the civil work and the first residents the concept was to transfer the sewage in to clean water, usable for construction works and irrigation of green area.
MENA WATER FZC got the contract to build up the treatment plant. Basis is the established package modular plant with MBR technology.

The plant provides bacteria free clean water with smallest foot print area. The plant is prefabricated as containerized system made of stainless steel. info more Information
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All components are of German origin. The plant is designed as modular, mobile system to be extended and relocated on demand.

The 1st phase started 2008 for 300 m³/d, in 2009 extended for further 600 m³/d and August 2014 works for further extension to 2000 m³/d was completed.

MBR Sewage Plant

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