Drinking Water Plant Upgrade in Ethiopia

Drinking Water Plant Upgrade in Ethiopia

AdamaRehabilitation & Upgrade of Potable Water Treatment Plant.

August 2014: The Oromia National Regional State invests in upgrading and optimizing the water treatment plant of the city of Adama.
MENA-Water helps with investment boost for water treatment plant to meet growing demand from growing city.

Oromia National Regional State invests for the upgrade and optimization of water treatment plant of Adama City, which was facing 9.000 cubic meter supply deficit in a daily basis.
The Oromia Water, Mineral & Energy Bureau (OWM&EB) signed an agreement with two companies. For the Upgrade and optimization of the water plant the Bureau contracted MENA-Water, a German based company.

“The main reason for the upgrade and the new pipe installations is the supply gap which was caused by the increasing population of the city over the past 10 years,”

said Yasin Umer, the general manger of Adama City Water and Sewerage Authority.

The water plant is located on the outer edge of the town. The plant has eight treatment plants, two of which are reserves. The plant is operating with the total capacity of supplying 23.000 cubic meters of water to the 350,000 people of the city whose actual demand is 32,000 cubic meters a day.


MENA’s optimization and upgrade project will be on six of the treatment plants. according to Yasin.
Beyond Adama City, the plant will provide water 10 surrounding woredas and kebeles, such as Geferssa, Alem Tena and Wonji Shoa, with a total population of 72,000, according to Teshome Wakjira the communication officer at the bureau.

MENA-Water’s upgrade and optimization will increase the current water supply capacity to 47,000 cubic meters on a daily basis. According to the deal signed by the two parties the project will be ended with in one and half years, according to Mengistu Getaneh, area manager of die East Africa branch of MENA-Water.

MENA-Water, a company that provides water and wastewater treatment services, installed a containerized treatment plant which has a capacity of treating 2400 cubic meter water daily from Gibe River which serves 40,000 people in Bako town which is located in West Shoa Zone of Oromia Region. The project was completed in nine months, and started supplying treated water. » Project Report Bako.

this article was published in the local newspaper on August 10, 2014

Please find project report here.

The Etiopian Television informed about this project:

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