Refurbishment of Gasholder

Refurbishment of Gasholder

biogas-tankProject: Refurbishment of gasholder, Warsan STP, Dubai UAE

The wastewater treatment plant Warsan cleans the wastewater of the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The biogas from the sludgedigesters is stored in two large gas storage tanks, each with 4000 m³. After 28 years of operation both storage tanks were damaged and urgently had to be refurbished.

biogas-tank1MENA-Water was awarded the contract for the conversion
and renewal of the first tank.
The membrane, the telescope guiding system, the membrane guide with protection system and a digital volume measurement were renewed.

Now in March 2014, the first tank was put into operation after installation time of just one month.

Gas Holding Tank for Biogas
Volume 4000 m³


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