Water and Climate Change

Water and Climate Change

World Water Day 2020

The World Water Day on March 22 is this year under the motto “Water and Climate Change”.
At the 66th United Nations General Assembly (UN) in December 2016, the UN Water Decade was proclaimed from March 22, 2018 to March 2028. Since then there has been an annual focus, this time on climate change, the impact it has on water management and, of course, the contribution that water technology can make.

As a water technology company, MENA-Water can make a big contribution here. We offer our customers technologies to close cycles and to use purified water.

Domestic wastewater can be used for irrigation directly on site after cleaning in a sewage treatment plant. This helps to improve the local microclimate. The plantings stop erosion, lower the temperature and provide a habitat for animals. Thus, they improve the living conditions on site and can contribute to dampening climate change. With the MBR membrane wastewater treatment plants, even bacteria, viruses and microplastics are retained and contamination of the re-used water is prevented.

In the industrial sector, advanced treatment technologies can be used to close cycles and purify wastewater down to ultrapure water. This not only saves costs but also waste. The local climate is also improved here.

MENA-Water Solar Pumping Station Tamtam in the Sudanese Sahara

One example of climate protection is the solar pump system in Tamtam, a desert settlement in Northern Sudan. MENA-Water built a deep well with a solar borehole pump together with the local aid organization Al Sugyia. The system starts automatically when the sun shines and pumps water to supply drinking water and to green the area. Due to its location on a local connecting road across the Sahara, the population of the place is growing. However, the climatic conditions are extremely difficult for the residents with high heat, dryness and sandstorms. The plantations in the village and on the outskirts improve the local climate. Here you will find a reference report.