Solar Water Pump in Sudan

solarThe Sahara is one of the sunniest and also the driest regions on earth. Water here is a scarce resource but is essential for daily life. The village of Tamtam is located in the north of Sudan on an intercity road linking the capital Khartoum with the northern cities of the Nile and leading 300km through pure deserts. This settlement was built with several service areas and residential buildings and a school. The water required for life must be pumped up from over 100 m depth using energy.

MENA-Water has now installed a photovoltaic solar system that provides the necessary electricity to operate a water pump by using the abundant solar energy available. The 9.2 kW power allows the operation of a borehole pump and an average of 72 m³ of water per day. It is now also possible to irrigate protective plants that provide food, provide shelter from storms and at the same time improve the local climate.
daily data

solar plant in Sudan
Number of Photovoltaic Modules: 32 Pcs
Area for Modules: 80 m²
Total Electric Power: 9.2 kW
Borehole Pump: 6″ / 180m / 12m³/h
Average Water Flow: 72 m³/d