Sewage Treatment with MBR Package Plants


Waste Water from Factory with Labour Accomodation

S.K.M Air Conditioning LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment in the Gulf area. Located at Industrial Area Sharjah, SKM operates out of a modern state of the art 43,000 m² factory. The waste water coming from factory staff and accommodations so far had to be discharged by tanker cars with 13 loadings a day and this needed access to several collecting manholes, Plant Capacity 2x MW-MR150-U
total 250 m³/d
blocking streets with car parking and causing bad odour to living areas.

MBR Package Sewage Plant

To solve this situation MENA-Water suggested to set up a collecting system with central holding tank and MBR treatment plant. Waste WaterAdditional to solving the traffic problem the water now can be internally re-used.

This centralized plant is designed to receive all domestic waste water throughout the factory area by a pumping system. With the use of 2 package plants model MW-MR150 with very small footprint, the plant could be placed at an access road and no excavation work was needed in that densely build up area.

Ultra Pure Water for Re-Use in Chillers

Included in the scope of works were lifting pumps, screening, grit removal, aeration tank equipment and 2 containerized MBR packages including all measuring instrumentation. Storage tanks for treated water and for sludge, including a dry bag unit for sludge dewatering are completing the treatment. An odour control unit is preventing the nearby accommodations from smell. The treated water is cleaned by an RO-system for further re-use at factory installed chillers.Package Plant
The entire plant is operated by PLC and observed through an online monitoring system 24h x 7d. Start-up was in February 2017.
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Equipment Application
Screen Screenings Removal
Grit & Grease Tank Sand & FOG removal
Mixers and Aerators Biological treatment
Blowers Aeration and scouring
MBR Package Plants Ultra Filtration
Reverse Osmosis Unit Pure water for use at chillers
Pumps Flow control & service water
Dry Bag System Sludge Dewatering
Instrumentation Flow, Level, H2S, TSS, DO, Pressure
Control Panels with PLC Total Integrated Automation Platform with Profibus