Industrial Effluent Treament with SBR

SBR Waste Water TreatmentPars Tyur Asia Chicken Slaughterhouse & Processing Factory

Savana Production Group produces broiler chicken which are processed by their slaughter plant with segmentation, processing, packaging, and freezing in completely automatic line processing 6000-8000 birds per hour. Target of the company is chicken meat production at the highest level with responsibility for public health and environment.

Industrial Waste Water Treatment

FlotationTo treat the waste water from the slaughter house a new effluent treatment plant was planned. The reuse of treated water for irrigation and excess sludge as fertilizer was aim of the design. Effluent plant design capacity is 1000 m³/d.

Scope and Execution

Mena Water FZC designed the effluent plant in partnership with Huber Middle East along with joint supply of equipment. Basis of design was to retrofit the existing civil tanks and incorporate the pre-treatment along with dissolved air flotation from Huber Technology. Aeration system and biological SBR process was installed by MENA-Water within a very small plant foot print area. All operation is fully automatic controlled.Screw Press for Sludge Dewatering

Now the effluent provides clean water, ready for irrigation or cleaning use. Wasted sludge from the process is further treated using a HUBER Technology Q-Press dewatering machine and can find usage as agricultural fertilizer.