Package Plant for Fracking Water Treatment

The oil and gas fracking is a widely used process which also is creating some by-products in waste water to be stored and cleaned. This needs treatment of bottom sediment and water dewatered from crude oil tanks, accumulating in evaporation ponds. This excess water shows high salinity and needs reduction on the BOD values and others to comply with the marine discharge limits.
To treat this special water with capacity of 250 m³/d, a dedicated treatment plant including several specific treatment steps is necessary.

Terminals Tank Farm & Evaporation Ponds ETP

In 2017 MENA-Water took the challenge to develop an ETP including the complete design, construction and commissioning for an client in KSA. As scheduled the plant was built and successfully put into operation.
For quick realization and full flexibility the complete plant was implemented as containerized package plant. It is fully controlled by PLC and remote monitoring allows to observe the plant from control center. Now the effluent water can be disposed into marine water.
MENA-Water Fracking Water Treatment Result
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MENA-Water Fracking Water Treatment