MBR Package Plant in Reseach Use

MBR Package Plant

The Hamburg Water Group operates a large sewage treatment plant to treat the wastewater of the German metropolis in an environmentally friendly manner. In order to be prepared for the challenges of the future, there is a dedicated research department which also researches new technologies for the advanced cleaning of wastewater. For example, it is about microplastics and drug residues, which can be eliminated in the future using advanced processes. For this research, a MENA-Water MBR compact system now hasbeen installed on the company premises.

With this pilot plant, a partial flow of the wastewater, which has already been cleaned very well, can now be additionally filtered and new dosing techniques can be tested. The MW-MR25-U variant is used, which contains the system technology required for ultrafiltration in a compact stainless steel housing. A heatable, compact appliance room was built next door for frost-proof accommodation of a dosing station. The test series will then provide the scientific basis for further optimization of the entire sewage treatment plant. Hamburg Water Group will thus be prepared for future challenges in the use of new, advanced technologies.