Drinking Water in Africa

Drinking Water in Africa

TrinkwassercontainerMENA-Water established containerized potable water plants.
In Sudan, there are large irrigation areas with many villages, whose inhabitants got no access to clean drinking water. The water had be taken untreated from long irrigation channels and storage ponds and many diseases especially of children were the result.
Since 2008 MENA Water installed five container plants in different villages. Two more followed in 2011. The technology has proven itself in the difficult circumstances of very remote locations and now 5 additional container plants will be built.

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Each system provides 500 m³ / day of pure drinking water, which is taken from local storage lagoons. Lamella settler, sand filters and disinfection ensure consistently high quality of cleaning performance. Since the systems use the principle of gravity, they can be operated many years free of trouble – even under the difficult conditions in Sudan.


This container-based drinking water systems were implemented in collaboration with the local NGO Alsoqia. The continuous support of the systems is assured.
The diseases in the connected places have drastically fallen and people are grateful for the improvement of their quality of life.

Opening of a Package Plant for Drinkind Water in Sudan