Al Ain Poultry, Slaughtering & Processing Plant

IndustrieabwasserChicken Slaughtering & Processing Factory, Effluent Treatment Plant,
Al Saad, Al Ain – U.A.E.

The Al Ain Poultry Farm is not only a leading producer of chicken meat in UAE, but now also a pioneer in environmental protection. MENA-Water built the most modern plant for the use of highly contaminated wastewater, based on the MBR technology. The entire wastewater operation will now be prepared by a multistage industrial water treatment plant for use as irrigation water.

Plant Capacity 400 m³/d

The existing, outdated cleaning system for the entire amount of processing of slaughter, processing, packaging, equipment cleaning and disinfection has been modernized and extended from 240 m³/d to 400 m³/d.

In February 2013 MENA-Water got the contract for the complete design, construction and commissioning within 8 months. As scheduled the plant was built and successfully put into operation.
The complete plant is operated by PLC and remote monitoring.
Now the effluent water can be used for irrigation purpose.

Al Ain

Treatment process:
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preliminary screening, lifting station, drum screening, balancing facility, micro screening, pipe flocculation, dissolved air flotation, biological treatment, MBR process, treated water storage & irrigation transfer, sludge thickening, sludge dewatering, electrical control panels with PLC – HMI facility, field instrumentation, training of operation, operative supervision for 3 months from plant commissioning are the organs of the project contract.


Video of the Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant Al Ain [en]