MBR Dubai Al Ruwaya

MBRMBR Container Sewage Plant with Tanker Discharge

In the desert near Dubai there are several new industrial zones too far away from the town to connect to the municipal sewer network. Also there is big need of water for irrigation and construction use.
The sewerage concept was to build up a small local network and transfer the sewage into clean water, usable for construction and irrigation of surrounding green areas.



  • Capacity 4000 m³/day
  • Tanker Discharge Station with
    Compact Screen
  • Pre Treatment Package Plant with
    Fine Screening and Grit Removal
  • 2 Aeration Tanks & Treated Water Tank
  • 4 MBR Container Plants
  • Sludge Dewatering Container
  • Pumping Station for Irrigation
  • Odor Control

MENA-Water got the contract to build up the treatment plant.
Basis is the established package modular plant with MBR technology.
This plant provides bacteria free clean water with smallest foot print area.
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The plant is prefabricated as containerized system with sewage contacted parts made of stainless steel. All components are of European origin. The plant is designed as modular system ready for extension. In addition to the local sewer connection there is discharge station for tanker cars.
Since 2011 this plant is finalized for treating 4000 m³/day.

Video MBR Sewage Plant Dubai Al Ruwaya