Mobile Sludge Dewatering

Mobile Sludge Dewatering

BandpresseMarafiq Industrial Waste Treatment Plant, Jubail Industrial Zone, KSA.

M/s. Marafiq is the utility lifeline to the industrial cities of Jubail and Yanbu. These two cities are a beacon of light on Kingdom’s journey of national economic development and privatisation. Marafiq’s focus on industrial wastewater & its waste in Jubail -1, is the main theme to care the mother eath’s flora & fauna being one of the industrialised zone in middle-east.

MENA-Water designed the inlet works of the treatment plant and provided mobile container plants for sludge treatment.

Mobile Sludge Deawatering including all Equipment
The purpose of Marafiq’s industrial treatment systems is to treat industrial waste sludge into thin flakes of drip free wet cakes. (of above 23 % dry solid content from 3- 5 % inlet sludge)

Origin of sludge is from different industrial wastewaster, upon physiochemical & biological treatment, genearated sludges are aerated again & subject to store in open lagoon & proceeded with DEWATERING BY CONTAINERIZED MOBILE SLUDGE DEWATERING UNITS.


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MENA-Water inked an agreement with enduser to provide the complete package interms of engineering, procurement, consuctrion of 4.Nos mobile dewatering unit on containerized trailers within 24 weeks, Delivery to KSA site through road, testing & commissioning, startup & performance gurantee run for 1 week at Jubail IWTP – of plant capacity of 8 m³/Hour in the 40 Ft HC containers.



Unit Equipment
GRP pontoon Position pump in lagoon
Heavy duty sludge pump To transfer sludge from lagoon to container
Belt filter press Dewatering to 25 % dry solid
Polymer solution preparation unit Automated polymer solution preparation
Screw Conveyor Discharge sludge into skips
DG Set To operate in remote area
ATS Panel Flexible power connection.
Trailer with container In-house dewatering unit arrangement