Al Hamalah MBR Sewage Plant

MBR Package PlantMENA WATER FZC got the contract to build up the sewage treatment plant of 1100 m³/day for Al Hamala Village – Bahrain. Basis is the established modular package plant with MBR technology.

Bacteria Free Clean Water for Irrigation
The plant provides bacteria free clean water with smallest foot print area. The plant is prefabricated as containerized system made of stainless steel. All components are of German origin. The plant is designed as modular, mobile system to be extended and relocated on demand.

Plug & Play Package Plant
The construction of sewage treatment plant was initiated at 2014 and successfully completed by 2015 and now trating 1100 m³ sewage per day. The sewage treatment plant’s incoming domestic waste water is pre-screened, passes a grit&grease trap which is followed by latest membrane bio reactor technology in containerized system including sludge treatment through a sludge dewatering mechanism as package plant. An odour free environment is provided with an activated carbon odour control system. Furthermore, the total system is controlled by PLC and is monitored through online monitoring to review the status of the sewage treatment plant 24 hours x 7 days.
The sewage treatment plant comprised of latest MBR technology, which enables to produce high quality treated sewage water, free of pathogens, bacteria, E coli, etc., suitable for reuse in Irrigation.
These type of containerized sewage treatment plants can be augmented or relocated based on the client’s requirement.

MBR Package Plant