Package Plant for Potable Water in Ethiopia

Package Plant for Potable Water in Ethiopia

Drinking WaterWenji Villages, Oromia, Ethiopia,
Potable Water Package Plant for River Water
The village of Wenji is located in the Ethiopian region of Oromia near its capital Adama. Wenji is an agricultural center with irrigation farming as well as the sugar and paper industry. The families of the employees live in the surrounding villages. So far there was no local water treatment and drinking water was scarce. With the construction of a MENA-Water drinking water package system, the population of a village in 2015 was supplied with purified drinking water. In 2016 an second larger container plant was installed and additional villages were connected to the drinking water supply with a total quantity of 2000 m³/d.

River WaterThe MENA-Water package systems are equipped with all machinery, including all measuring and control technology in container design and can therefore be connected and commissioned extremely quickly with less construction work.

The raw water is taken from the Awash river which shows very high turbidity especially during the rainy season. A raw water pumping station transports the river water by pipeline to a storage and settling pond at the plant site.
On a nearby mountain are the elevated tanks from which the purified drinking water is directed to the villages.

The capacity of the drinking water system in the present state of construction is designed for the treatment of 2000 m³/d of river water and the plant can be extended in the future.