Seminar on Water and Wastewater Treatment in Algiers

Seminar for Water MENA-Water Algeria invited experts and players in the field of water and wastewater treatment to share this seminar day filled with lectures and providing opportunities for informal talks and discussions.

Round about 30 guests from local industries, authorities and consultancies came to the conference hall at AZ Hotel Vieux Kouba, where Mr. Abdedou Amar, Branch Manager of MENA-Water Algeria, opened the session with a brief introduction, after having welcomed all participants. In the first seminar block a general overview of MENA-Water company, their products, projects and services was presented to the audience by Mrs. Sonja Amend, MENA-Water Germany, followed by a presentation from Mr. Henry de Miramon, Director of HUBER France, who gave insight to HUBER company and their product range.

After a common lunch break the second block of the seminar was conducted by Mr. Emad Eldin, MENA-Water Sharjah, who informed the participants about technical solutions for water and wastewater treatment – in terms of various package plant systems and also in the context of rehabilitation and upgrade possibilities for existing plants. Particular topics and queries from the actively interested audience were enriching the presentation sessions and could be continued during break times and after the official end of the seminar in the afternoon.

Thank you to all participants, speakers and coordinators for making this seminar to a fruitful event for further business cooperations!