Electric Control & SCADA

SteuerungMENA-Water offers cabinets with integrated data recording, HMI, machine control, PLC, process control, SCADA, touchscreen control, process visualization, etc.

Only high quality components and materials are used for our control systems. Extensive testing ensures consistent high quality.

Remote monitoring (SCADA)

SCADA stands for ‘Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition’, that is, monitoring and control of the process of better understanding and ability to react with the aid of modern computer and network technology.

The analysis of the system data will help to improve the process. Remote Control Technology helps to react immediately to unforeseen incidents.

SCADA systems consist of supervising computer with HMI (Human-Machine Interface) software and controls to perform the data acquisition and control functions.


Contact for this product

This product only is available for the middle east market. Please contact info@mena-water.com