Industrial Effluent Treament with SBR

Pars Tyur Asia Chicken Slaughterhouse & Processing Factory Savana Production Group produces broiler chicken which are processed by their slaughter plant with segmentation, processing, packaging, and freezing in completely automatic line processing 6000-8000 birds per hour. Target of the company is chicken meat production at the highest level with responsibility …

SBR System

Aerobic SBR’s (Sequence Batch Reactor) are unique activated sludge configurations. SBR is distinguished by the repeating sequence of fill, react, biomass settling, and effluent withdraw which all occur within one tank.

SBR Sewage Plant

Municipal and Industrial Sewage: MENA-Water renewed and increased the sewage treatment plant in Hag Yusif in Khartoum, Sudan. At the same time a conversion to SBR process and the installation of a tanker station took place. The SBR treatment plant capacity is 17000 m³/d.