Biogas Plant

Biogas Plant

Make Energy from Waste


Instead of spending money on disposal of organic waste from industries, sewage treatment plants, slaughterhouses, dairies, farms, etc. you can gain electrical and thermal energy and fertilizer from Biogas Plant. Through anaerobic digestion it is possible to produce methane gas (biogas) and high-quality fertilizer from the organic material. The biogas can be transformed into electrical and thermal energy by means of cogenerator (CHP – Combined Heat & Power).

MENA-Water provides complete solutions for your organic waste problem. We plan, deliver equipment and supervise installation of your biogas plants. As well we supply the whole product range for biogas plant from the mixer, pump until the cogenerator.


  • Production of electricity and heat from organic waste
  • High quality fertilizer as by-product
  • No cost for disposal of organic material

  • 720t sewage sludge (8% DS) produces 2,400 kWel
  • 300t manure (9% DS) produces 800 kWel
  • Communal organic waste (household waste)
  • Green and plant waste
  • Industrial food waste (organic material, process water)
  • Communal sewage sludge
  • Liquid or solid manure (Animal farms)


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