Level & Pressure Measurement

Level & Pressure Measurement

8-4level1We offer pressure transducers, pressure sensors, level probes, data loggers and monitoring systems.

Submersible level and temperature transmitters

Submersible pressure transmitters are frequently used for level measurements. These transmitters are equipped with either a waterproof connection or connector and are immersed into the medium. Thanks to the pressure measurement, the level can be determined. A high media resistance of the sensor housing, the seals, and the cable is paramount. For example, titanium-made submersible level sensors have proven themselves in long-lasting sea water applications. STS offers these products as well.


Data Loggers / Communication
8-4level2This section offers information on a range of pressure, temperature, and conductivity data loggers including GSM communication unit. A data logger is appropriate for continuous monitoring of ground and surface waters. It collects measured values of various parameters such as conductivity, temperature, and pressure. For instance, conductivity provides information on the dissolved salt content of water.

The communication module (K-module) is used for remote data retrieval from data loggers. This ensures that no data collection on-site is necessary. The data can be easily and directly accessed from a control station (PC)

Water Management Solutions
8-4level3The water manager solution is the flagship in the area of water monitoring and provides you with more flexibility and allows you to cost-effectively monitor your hydrological measuring network.

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