Washing Compactor

Washing Compactor


Waste disposal is a cost factor for each installation.

The wash press reduces weight and volume of the organic contamination by 95%.

The washing compactor is used for washing out, de-watering and compacting screenings whilst contaminants are held back. The water can flow through both sides of the screen. The filter elements form a continuous filter belt, which is cleaned by a brush at the upper deflection point.

The screenings will be discharged back to the wastewater. Sealing at the sides prevents solids from circumventing the filter. The filter elements can be individually and quickly exchanged.

The wash compactor reduces the weight and volume of your screenings and in addition washes out more than 95% of fecal matter. Wash compactors provide high performance coupled with low operating costs.
The unit can be directly charged via a screening unit, conveyor or conveyor belt. The screenings are conveyed within the wash compactor from the inlet zone to the washing zone. In the washing zone, service water is added and organic matter washed out. The wash water, which is rich in carbon, is released to the flume. The conveyor screw delivers the washed screenings to the pressing zone. The screenings are discharged via a discharge pipe to a container or conveyor.

Advantages and Specification :


  • washed out matter is returned to the flume
  • easy retrofitting to an existing installation
  • volume, weight and disposal cost reduction up to 75 %