Sludge Drying

Sludge Drying

SchlammThere are different processes specially developed for drying sewage sludge.

Solar Dryer
The drying process is inside a foiled greenhouse and happens by solar radiation and a floor heating system. Inside the hall the sewage sludge dry solid content reaches ≥ 90% DS. The biogenic granulate can be used for example in cement industry as an alternative fuel replacig coal.

Belt Dryer

The drying air is recirculated in a closed loop i.e. no odorous drying air is released to ambient.

The belt dryer is a convective dryer and is very safe. Drying air is slowly removing the moisture from the sludge particles and there is no mechanical treatment of the sludge – it is therefore a dust free method of drying.


  • High Product Quality up to 90% desired dry solids
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • Reduce disposal cost