Primary Treatment is the first and basic important stage of the water treatment process.

Mechanische VorbehandlungThe purpose of the pre-treatment is to remove most of the non-soluble solids physically in order to reduce the pollutant loads and to protect all the subsequent steps in the treatment plant.

Providing a reliable, high-quality supply of treated water is critical to many processes. However, selecting the right Pre-Treatment technologies is very essential in the field of water treatment.

It requires a comprehensive evaluation of the raw water quality and process requirements, the system design, operating conditions, and economics. We MENA-Water have the experience and expertise to specify the right pre treatment system for standard applications and custom design systems to meet specialized needs.


Pre-Treatment incorporates the following processes:

Drum Screen


Drum screens are ideal for wastewater pretreatment in small and medium-sized sewage treatment plants when the wastewater is pumped. Thanks to the rotating drum with scraper, even large amounts of screenings are reliably separated and discharged.

The compact design and fully automatic operation ensure low maintenance and high reliability. Investment costs and operating costs are very low. These screens can be installed quickly and easily retrofitted.

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