Headwork for complete pre-treatment

Headwork for complete pre-treatment

JubailJubail Wastewater Treatment and Disposal
The purpose of Marafiq’s industrial treatment systems is to conserve water by making maximum use of desalinated water in a complete cycle of use, treatment and reuse.

Industrial effluent is collected and treated, which is pumped back to the industrial areas for reuse in fire-fighting systems and other industrial applications.
The Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant is designed to treat the incoming industrial wastewater generated from Industries located at Jubail Industrial City. It has a design capacity of 60,000 m³/day.

Plant Capacity 60 000 m³/d

MENA-Water provided the complete design, supply, installation and commissioning startup for the complete Inlet works for Marafiq Jubail IWWTP – Saudi Arabia of plant capacity of 60,000 m³/day,
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including screening, screening conveyor & compactor, Manual screen, Longitudinal Grit removal and Grit washing system, grease removal, odor control system, Automated Penstock & measuring Instruments.
The complete plant is operated by Quantum PLC & SCADA.



Multi Rake Screen Screening Removal
Manual screen bypass screening removal
Launder channel Screening transport
Screw Conveyor with washing Screening washing and compaction
Grit Trap Sand removal
Grit Washer Sand washing & classifying
Grease trap Grease & FOG Removal
Penstocks & Stoplog Flow Control & Regulation
Blowers For Grit trap Aeration
Activated Carbon Filter Odor Control System
For Flow Level (Ultrasonic), PH, VOC, Temperature, Conductivity.
MCC & Quantum PLC Complete control with SCADA