IFFCO Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

IFFCO Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

FlotationIFFCO – Emirates Edible Oil Refining Company (ERCO) – Port Khalid – Sharjah, is one of major global arm in edible oil refining, producer of fats, processing of edible oil related downstream.
MENA-Water awarded a contract to build 250 m³/day – effluent treatment plant, to process entire factory’s oily waste water into reclaimed water of TDS less than 150 mg/l . BOD₅Days @ 20°C to less than 10 mg/l ; TSS less than 5 mg/l.

MENA-Water featured this ETP with state of art Dissolved Air Flotation, Membrane Bio Rector, and Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis system within a short foot print.

Waste sludge generated during the treatment subjected to dewatering into drip free wet cakes by centrifuge into 20 % dry solid content. Treatment plant is of automated with human – machine interface to reduce man power.



Unit Operation & Equipments

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  • Lifting Station with Submersible Transfer Pumps
  • Fine Screening to 0.25 mm Aperture
  • Grit & Free Oil Layers Removals
  • Buffering & pH Neutralization
  • Chemical Dosing & Pipe Flocculation
  • Dissolved Air Floatation Unit
  • Anoxic Chamber
  • Aeration Chamber with Sound Hood Air Blowers
  • Membrane Bio Reactor Chamber
  • Online Analyzers (Process Parameters)
  • MBR –Permeate Extraction System & Storage Tank
  • Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Unit & Storage Tank
  • Sludge Storage Tank
  • Centrifuge Based Sludge Dewatering Unit
  • IP 55 Electrical Control Panel With PLC – HMI – Data Logging Facility
  • In-house Laboratory Facilities.