Containerized Screw-Press

Q-PressProject: Secondary Sludge Dewatering System , Al Fileyah Wastewater Treatment Plant

Al Fileyah WWTP is a 40,000 CMD wastewater treatment plant owned by Ras Al Kaimah Wastewater Agency (RAKWA), which is one of four agencies that form the Public Service Department of the Government of Ras Al Khaimah. The Main Plant consists of two lines for the sludge production. One being activate sludge (Primary and Secondary) and the other digested sludge. For the activated sludge line, RAKWA required a permanent dewatering solution with minimum civil work due to limited space.

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Sludge to Energy

biogas-flareProject: Ajman WWTP Sludge to Energy , Ajman – UAE

Ajman Sewerage (Private) Company Limited (ASPCL) wanted to upgrade their existing Wastewater Treatment Plant with Thermophilic Sludge Digestion Facilities to significantly reduce the sludge quantity transported off site while at the same time improve the sludge quality and use the biogas for electricity generation.

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Mobile Q-PRESS

Mobile Q-PRESSSludge Dewatering with Mobile Screw Press at Al Feliyah STP
The HUBER Technology Screw presses for sludge dewatering have become well-proven alternative for decanters or/and belt filter presses.
Mobile Package Plant, Plug & Play
The Huber screw press along with its accessories was containerized to become an easy to transport and setup unit for trial and demonstration runs. On site installation is fast and simple with only nominal utility connections required to run the press. …read more →