Basket Screen

Basket Screen

korbThe basket screen is excellent for installation in pumping stations and manholes.

It is based on the design of coarse bar screens. The basket screen is raised and lowered in the shaft via an electric hoist and guided by rails.

The rails are curved in the upper area which facilitates emptying of the basket over the container. Final emptying is carried out by hand with a rake.

The screen basket is constructed of stainless steel sections with a gap of 10 – 40 mm.

When the screen basket is raised, the feed is automatically blocked by a drop screen so that no screenings can get into the outlet channel while the basket is being emptied.

Advantages and Specification:


  • suitable for deep wells, small space requirement
  • the screen allows the passage of grit without malfunctioning
  • screenings conveyed positively to the discharge point
  • excellent cost/performance ratio and easy maintenance