Meat Processing Industry

Meat Processing Industry

Industrial waste waterThe meat processing industry includes slaughter houses for animals and fowl and also the processing and packing of meat products.

A wide range of different processes is used in this meat processing industry, generating solid and liquid wastes from the production processes. Wastewater will be highly loaded with feathers and hairs and blood causing very high COD, BOD5, grease and solids loads. This waste water is not suitable to be discharged directly to municipal sewer network as it is exceeding the discharge limit.

Water Management Concepts
Industrial waste water Therefore, it is necessary to study the local situation to reduce the amount of incoming loads and minimize the treated water loads that it can comply with the sewer discharge limits. The water management and process optimization is providing the results.

Waste Water Recycling
Meat industries have high demand of process water for cleaning and different applications, the full waste water treatment is considerable. The water can be recycled to highest quality and used for cooling, process, washing and also irrigation purpose.


Treatment Steps
Industrial waste water MENA-Water uses state-of-the-art plant technologies such as chemico-physical, biological treatment with membrane processes and combinations thereof. We customize exactly to the respective requirements and specifications. A combination of several processes is necessary to achieve the optimum results for process water treatment concerning the reuse.

  • Fine Screening and Grit Removal
  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
  • Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Disinfection
  • Sludge treatment

MENA-Water develops, builds, and installs treatment plants for Effluent water, which are tailored to the respective task, economical and environmentally friendly.


Samples for our references are:

Al Ain Slaughter Houses Effluent Treatment PlantsIndustrial waste water
Design and Construction of four Slaughter House Effluent Treatment Plants at Al Salamat, Ain Al Fayda, Al Quaa and Masaken, Al Ain – UAE
Treating wastewater from slaughter houses is challenging due to the high levels of BOD₅, COD and fat. Specialized equipment such as Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is needed to reduce the levels of pollutants before biological treatment with a Membrane-Bio-Reactor (MBR) system – more..


Al Ain Poultry, Slaughtering & Processing PlantIndustrieabwasser
The Al Ain Poultry Farm is not only a leading producer of chicken meat in UAE, but now also a pioneer in environmental protection. MENA-Water built the most modern plant for the use of highly contaminated waste water, based on the MBR technology. The entire waste water effluent will now be prepared by a multistage industrial water treatment plant for final use as irrigation water – more..