Grab Screen

The waste water flows through a grating screen made of steel or stainless steel.

greiferwhile contaminants are held back. Solid matter is picked up by our special grab directly at the bottom of the channel without the need for a base step. The teeth of the grab act between the bars of the screen thus preventing jamming of the screenings.

A pivoting scraper discharges the screenings into a container, wash compactor, screw conveyor, conveyor belt etc. Opening and closing of the shovel is achieved by means of a slack rope weight.

Advantages and Specification:
  • Approved and high reliability in service
  • Solid matter is directly picked up at the channel bottom
  • Stable design
  • Optimum protection for pumping stations and fine screens
  • Installation angle 65° – 90°
  • No drive elements in water
  • Width up to 8000 mm
  • Slot width 10 – 150 mm