Perforated Belt Screen

Perforated Belt Screen

The waste water flows through perforated filter elements made of stainless steel.

FilterbandrechenContaminants are held back by the filter elements. Solid matter is picked up directly at the bottom of the channel without necessarily requiring a base step.

The filter elements form a continuous filter belt which is cleaned by a brush at the upper deflection point. The cleaning process is assisted by a series of jets working in proportion to the screenings load. Tines located on every 5th screening element prevent build-up of rolling matter in front of the screen and ensure that large matter is removed.

Tests have shown that the screens with perforation of 6 mm approximately filter out double the amount of screenings as stage screens with 6 mm gap size due to the built up screenings carpet. The screenings retention figure of a screen with 6 mm holes is of the order of 76%.


Advantages and Specification:
  • best capture rate > 75 %
  • filter size starting from 2mm
  • highest cleaning frequency through screenings carpet
  • suitable for pretreatment of MBR systems
  • pivoting possible


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