Safe Drinking Water

The MENA-Water potable water package plants offer pure drinking water for villages and towns. Due to the package concept the plants can be realized in very short time and with less civil preparation at site. All plants can be easily extended and moved to new locations


Primary Treatment is the first and basic important stage of the water treatment process. The purpose of the pre-treatment is to remove most of the non-soluble solids physically in order to reduce the pollutant loads and to protect all the subsequent steps in the treatment plant. Providing a reliable, high-quality …

Refurbishment of Gasholder

Project: Refurbishment of gasholder, Warsan STP, Dubai UAE The wastewater treatment plant Warsan cleans the wastewater of the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The biogas from the sludgedigesters is stored in two large gas storage tanks, each with 4000 m³. After 28 years of operation both storage …

MBR Durrat al Bahrein

Container MBR Sewage Plant. Durrat al Bahrain development are the largest artificial islands in the Kingdom of Bahrain with an area of about 20 million square meters. For the civil work and the first residents the concept was to transfer the sewage in to clean water

Instrumentation & Control

The control of processes is one of the main branches of applied instrumentation Instrumentation can refer to laboratory or handheld devices that measure some desired variable. Diverse handheld instrumentation is common in laboratories. Unsere Produktpalette zur Mess- und Kontrolltechnik umfasst alle Bereiche zur Anlagensteuerung, Überwachung und Fernwirk­technik. Wir bieten Ausrüstungen …

Pumps & Flow Regulation

Many kinds of Pumps ad Flow Regulation are necessary for water and wastewater treatment For every water treatment process its substancially to pump and to regulate the flow of media. For this we offer the full range of pumps and regulating equipment like valves and penstocks and weirs including installation …

Sludge Treatment Technology

MENA-Water offers the complete program for sludge treatment. For storing, handling, thickening, dewatering and sludge drying we offer all equipment and solutions. For sludge dewatering, we developed our package plant with belt filter press and all necessary equipment included. This solution is supplied as a prefabricated container plant and can …


Centrifuges are designed to separate solids from sludge mixtures with continuous and space-saving dewatering systems combined with high efficiency.

Sludge Drying

There are different processes specially developed for drying sewage sludge. Solar Dryer The drying process is inside a foiled greenhouse and happens by solar radiation and a floor heating system. Inside the hall the sewage sludge dry solid content reaches ≥ 90% DS. The biogenic granulate can be used for …

Advanced Treatment

Any process designed to produce an effluent of higher quality than normally achieved by secondary, conventionally treatment processes or containing unit operations not normally found in Secondary Treatment is termed as advanced treatment.

SBR System

Aerobic SBR’s (Sequence Batch Reactor) are unique activated sludge configurations. SBR is distinguished by the repeating sequence of fill, react, biomass settling, and effluent withdraw which all occur within one tank.

Secondary Treatment

Secondary treatment is designed to substantially degrade the biodegradable organic matter and suspended solids. The majority of municipal plants treat the settled sewage liquor using aerobic biological processes. This pollution mainly derived from human waste, food waste, soaps, detergent etc. To be effective, the biota requires both oxygen and food …