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Webinar: Containerized solutions for water and wastewater treatment

Webinar: Containerized solutions for water and wastewater treatment

MENA-Water cordially invites you to the “Containerized solutions for water and wastewater treatment” webinar on Tuesday 21st of March 2023. Our specialist will talk about general introduction, field of applications, products features, advantages as well as latest updates in different sectors. You will learn about different kinds of package plant solutions and its applications in drinking water, wastewater and sludge treatment.

MENA-Water containerized package plants are ready made permanent solution for wastewater, drinking water and sludge treatment. The complete plant will be ready mounted as package units or in standard ISO containers for easy transport and quick delivery, which requires less installation space and minimum civil work.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Containerized Solutions
  • Overview Treatment Plant Options & Considerations
  • Waste Water Package Plants MBR & MBBR
  • Drinking Water Package Plants
  • Sludge Package Plants
  • Industrial Package Plants
  • Other Package Plants Solutions & Example Package Plant References
  • Additional Considerations & Conclusions

Thanks to our long-term experience and global expertise, we continue developing new water treatment solutions.

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