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Wastewater Package Plants (MBR&MBBR)

Wastewater Package Plants (MBR&MBBR)

MENA-Water cordially invites you to the Wastewater Package Plants (MBR & MBBR) webinar on Tuesday 6th of October.  Our specialist will talk about Waste Water Treatment Package Solutions using both MBR & MBBR Technologies whilst comparing their suitability to other common technologies.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Recap on the Special Features and Advantages of MENA-Water Package Plants
  • Wastewater Source Considerations, Characteristics & Selection Criteria
  • MBR & MBBR Treatment Process Overview
  • Outline Design Criteria and Other Considerations for Package Systems
  • Standard Sizing Options & Bespoke Solutions using Package Plants
  • Optimised Solution Examples and Global Case Studies

MENA-Water has extensive experience providing both standardised and bespoke, tailor-made wastewater treatment solutions using the package plant concept in the municipal and industrial sectors.  Our packages are built using the highest manufacturing standards with durable materials & robust equipment meaning they truly are a long-term, permanent solution.

By understanding our client needs and local considerations, MENA-Water can provide the most suitable solutions, wherever you may be situated globally.

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